Chimes again!

mikechester_uk mike at m...
Fri Apr 5 19:35:28 BST 2002

Following suggestions from CJP I will be cross referencing more fully 
churches that do not appear in the 8th Edition of Dove with the 6-7th 
editions; I may have missed some. I will do this in the next couple 
of days. What I do not have easy access to is the 1st-5th editions. 
I should be grateful if someone will take on the task of finding the 
last edition in which chimes recorded as "Not in Dove" appeared and 
let me have the dates.

I shall also make a section for clock chimes - all will be there 
unless I know that they have a manual chiming mechanism as well. 
Please advise me about those that you know have such a mechanism.

Many thanks - keep the information coming!

Mike Chester

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