Devon Tower details

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Sat Apr 6 22:50:15 BST 2002

I am short details on the following peals of bells (I have 
recordings, but I don't know what of). Could anyone point me to a 
source of information?

Lamerton (6)
Halwell (6)
Plymouth St Budeaux (6)
Saltash (6)
St Stephens (juxta Saltash) (6)
Holcombe Burnell (6)
Gidleigh (5)

I would (and did) travel miles to ring at Gidleigh - a special ring. 
A very kind gentleman at Lamerton, desperate to help, told me that 
the peal were a complete 6 by Gillett and Johnston, cast in 1583. 
Clearly a peal of exceptional interest to bell historians!

Bill H

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