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The two "old" trebles were put on the Keltek Trust list by the bell-hanger =
who undertook the work at St Anthony. Although we found a prospective "new"=
home for them (to be used to augment a ring of four) the bell-hanger had a=
choice of selling them for this project (where the preferred installer was=
another bell-hanger) or using them in a project to replace several poor-so=
unding bells in a chime. The bell-hanger chose the latter as this enabled h=
im to get the contract to restore the chime.

Consequently the bells are to be hung for chiming at Little Bredy, Dorset a=
nd as this was not arranged through the Keltek Trust there is no reference =
in the "latest news" pages on our web site as to their intended destination=
. While we are disappointed with this, one has to remember that bell-hanger=
s are in business and need to earn a living; as a result the outcome may be=
different to what we had hoped for.

Dave Kelly
Sec. K.T.

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