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> But aren't they now reckoned to be L&J's first attempt at casting and if so,
> of historic importance, even if they adorn a museum, surely that is better
> than smashing them up....
> Nick

I gather they were traced as being cast by Pannell - I think One is being 
retained and retuned - I'm not sure whats happening to the others. The tower 
is only ยข8 feet square internally and the ground floor chamber forms an 
entrance porch to the Church. There is no way that a 8cwt six could be hung 
for ringing there, If people are interested in the sound - I'll happily send 
the sound clip of them which I took about a year ago.

The medieval 5th & tenor sound excellent - the tenor has true harmonics & the 
5th not far off. 

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