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1. HBW was not a ringer. Fred Sharpe, who knew him, told me that he had a=
fairly 'basic' opinion of ringers - excepting him!=20=20=20=20=20

2. Notwithstanding that, I have read some of his correspondence - usually =
in his own immaculate hand, and some of it is with ringers, and conducted w=
ith discretion and courtesy.

3. He was also a good friend of A.A.Hughes, who by the simple device of ke=
eping him abreast of events was able to assist Walters into the 20th-centur=
y, both in his views and into his presentation of information.=20=20

4. Walters may not have been a ringer, but (and not only on bells) he was =
a greater and more professional historian than a number of us are ever like=
ly to be!

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Anyone know whether the bell historian H.B. Walters was a ringer. I've
seen some notes of his where he comments on having to inspect a ring of
bells when they were up, and I would have though the solution would be
obvious to a ringer.


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