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Just for the record, Warner's catalogue of 1911 gives:

1st quarter: 3' 9" 1 ton 1 cwt A

2nd quarter: 4' 0" 1 ton 6 cwt G =

3rd quarter: 4' 6" 1 ton 15 cwt 0 qr 6 lb F

4th quarter: 6' 0" 3 tons 17 cwt 3 qr 24 lb C

Big Ben: 9' 5.1/2" 16 tons 11 cwt 2 qr 20 lb* E
7' 10.1/2" high
9.5/8" soundbow

* Weight with clapper. The net weight was 15-18-1-22

"Those great tough Warner quarter chimes" as Chris Dalton once called them;=
the enconia of The Times and of the organist of Westminster Abbey were sti=
ll being printed over 50 years after the disaster of the first Big Ben!
For purely sentimental reasons I wouldn't want to lose the raucous sound of=
the present bell; but I'd have loved to have heard the original. I still h=
ave a suspicion that Denison had it flogged to death (whatever he might hav=
e said in the Press re casting faults) because of the possible difficulties=
in getting it up into the tower, although the shaft is 11' 4" x 8' 2". Si=
gnificantly the Mears bell is reduced to 9' 0" diameter and 7' 6" high. Th=
e two cracks don't go right through the bell as I found when up there rece=
ntly, the square "hole" (said to be to stop the cracks speading, but origin=
ally made to provide samples for the litigious parties of 1859) being about=
2" deep. I guess the present bell sounds now much as it has always done.
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Can anyone tell me the weight of the largest of the clock chime bells of =
Houses of Parliament (not Big Ben!) Thanks

>From : John Ketteringham of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England

Friends of Lincoln Cathedral : http://www.eccentrix.com/misc/lincoln/
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