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john ketteringham john.ketteringham at n...
Tue Apr 23 10:01:35 BST 2002

On the chimes page I have a recording of the six bell clock chime at York
and of the Cambridge or Westminster clock chime at the Houses of Parliament.
Although I don't want too many Westminster/Cambridge chimes it would be good
to have a recording of the original at Great St Mary's Cambridge. A clock
chime which I would particularly like recorded is that at the old church
(Ramblers) at Walesby which uses all eight bells. I understand that this
chime was first used at Holy Trinity Guildford. There is also a chime of
eight bells at the at the new church so perhaps that well-known bell
historian from York might be persuaded to record both chimes!

>From : John Ketteringham of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England
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