Gilletts, Taylors and equal-tempered tierces

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Tue Apr 23 13:30:04 BST 2002

Further to Steve Ivin's suggestion of the Ottawa carillon as an 
example of Gilletts tuning 880-cent tierces after Taylors had moved 
to 900 cents in the 20's:

Steve and I have since had a private correspondence about the way the 
Ottawa partials were measured that has left some (temporary) 
uncertainty in our minds. However, last night I analysed some 
recordings of the Gilletts ex-chime from St Luke's Cowley. Lovely 
bells, tuned Just, with 880 cent tierces. I don't have the details 
with me, but the church was built 'in the 30s' so I guess Taylors win 
this one by at least a decade!

Bill H

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