The Ivin Puzzle

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Fri Apr 26 15:25:06 BST 2002

Stephen Ivin:

Well, it's old-style, of course. Translating your figures into 
traditional terms, this bell is 36-0-23 in E. This means that it is 
very very thick. Making the gross assumption that it is a British 
bell, a few minutes work with Chris Pickford's new heavy bell list 
and the online Dove gave the following negative results:
* it's not Gillets
* it's not Taylors after the 1870s
* it's not Mears anytime after 1800 (or before, I guess)
* it's not Warners after 1870
* it's not Bilbie.

If I had to guess, it would either be a Grimthorpe experiment or some 
foreigner - not, I think, a continental.

Do we get another clue, or do we struggle on with your current 

Bill H

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