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Sat Apr 27 10:32:00 BST 2002

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David Cawley wrote:

> For another Bristol frame which did go through and survived the flames se=
e the 10 bell H-frame at St Nicholas, now containing a rather odd=20
> quartet. Notes 3, 6, 7b and 10 of ten, but the smallest is cast to a chi=
ming size and therefore hangs in the treble pit on the old treble=20
> headstock. Unlike Temple, the tower was gutted through, and an enormous =
air conditioning system occupies the best part of the old ringing=20
> and clock rooms.

I did try to get up there once by asking on spec, as it were, in the touris=
t information centre which occupied the building at the time. I was firmly =
assured that there were now no bells in the tower. I thought it might be co=
nsidered rude to question what the clock struck on, so gave in! The hour be=
ll particularly certainly sounds very fine.

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