[Bell Historians] Re: Bells with extremes of size and weight

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Mon Dec 2 14:09:30 GMT 2002

From: "Cairngorm J. McWomble" <cairngorm at m...>
> Since no one has mentioned Madresfield yet I will.
> 1.John Taylor, Loughborough, 1867, 7-1-20
> 2.John Taylor, Loughborough, 1867, 8-0-12
> 3.John Taylor, Loughborough, 1867, 9-1-12
> 4.John Taylor, Loughborough, 1867, 9-3-2
> 5.John Taylor, Loughborough, 1867, 11-1-13
> 6.John Taylor, Loughborough, 1867, 13-3-0 in G sharp
> Sadly I think it may be too late to record them since I believe a
> restoration project is underway, involving the scrapping of the 4th
> and tenor to be replaced by two trebls and a general retune.
> David Bagley's site has them as unringable at the moment.

As I understand it, the project is to scrap 4 and 6, as you say. The
remaining bells will then be tuned down to become the back four of the six,
in the same key as at present (G#), and two trebles added. I think White's
are doing the work.

At Coddington in Hereforshire is a six cast by Taylor's in the previous
year, 12-3-0 in Bb (according to Sharpe) or A (according to Dove). Either
way, they're thick.

At the opposite end of the scale, the ring at Ewerby, Lincs, are 15-0-23 in
D. Front six Taylor's 1890s, others old - I don't have the details to hand.


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