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Fri Dec 6 13:11:16 GMT 2002

Catching up on the last week's posts, I was interested to note that 
Dickon's London site was updated so quickly with the details of 
Woolnoth. Any more progress on Kent likely, Dickon ? I've been 
updating my towers visited records recently, and I have no info on 
Penshurst at all – and it's still one of the few towers missing from 
the Kent site. Any news, Dickon ?
Regarding bells with extreme sizes and weights, I've just got the 
details for Easton-in-Gordano, North Somerset:

1. 33" 7-1-4 C 1784 Bilbie
2. 32¾" 6-1-17 Bb 1634 Perdue
3. 35" 6-2-19 Ab 1831 Rudhall
4. 34¼" 5-3-4 G 1634 Perdue
5. 41¾" 12-1-24 F 1634 Perdue
6. 48¾" 18-3-14 Eb 1784 Bilbie

Check out the fourth – a very small bell for the note. All the more 
odd because it appears that the same founder supplied the 2nd and 5th 
at the same time, and these bells are of more conventional 
I've also noticed that there seem to be a lot of bells in Cornwall 
cast by the Penningtons which are rather light for their notes.

Andrew Bull

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