[Bell Historians] The Penningtons

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sat Dec 7 11:14:35 GMT 2002

Jom Phillips wrote:

> Has there ever been a book or paper written about the above itinerate
> bellfounders who I understand cast nearly 500 bells in Devon and almost as
> many in Cornwall. I understand FitzAnthony Pennington of Lezant drowned
> 1768 whilst crossing the Tamar in the Antony ferry with a bell he had cast
> for Landulph. He is buried at Landulph at the age of 38 and I understand
> there is a mural tablet at Landulph with the lines

I don't know a lot about the Penningtons, but there were several branches of
the family in the west country, including one based at Monmouth, one of whom
cast the 11th at Gloucester Cathedral which has the inscription of the
previous bell reproduced, but impressed and reversed.

There was also an Exeter branch of the family. Havyish bells by them which
come to mind at the tenor at Loders in DOrset (19 cwt) and the tenor at St
James, Taunton, allegedly 19-3-14 but more probably about 18 cwt.



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