St Saviour's, Leicester

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Mon Dec 9 11:48:43 GMT 2002

As some group members know to their cost, I have for some time been 
updating my list of towers visited with more conscise information 
than was available at the time, with respect to founders, weights, 
diameters, history of the individual ring. For much of this 
information I am indebted to the great kindness of some members of 
this list.
Over the weekend I was writing up some Leicester towers visited 
during an open-day in 1982. Among these was St Saviours, a heavy 
eight. I have full details of the bells themselves, and noted at the 
time that these bells had in recent years been restored from an 
unringable state. I have since noted from Dove and the list of lost 
rings available on the Keltek website, that these bells were scrapped 
in 1984.
Do any list members know why these bells were removed and scrapped ? 
Is the church still open, or has it been closed and/or demolished ?
It would seem that 1984 was a bad year for ring of bells in 
Leicester, the rings at All Saints and St John the Divine also being 
removed in that year, but at least those rings went to new homes.

Andrew Bull

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