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Mon Dec 9 12:25:08 GMT 2002

Thought it worth a general email to the list if anyone is interested,
as I know some here keep records on towers etc etc.

Thursday, 28th Nov, visited Stapleton, St Martin, in Leicestershire.
It's in the Guild report as a ringable one. Indeed, it is perfectly
ringable, 6-0-17 in C, Thanks to George Dawson, it is G&J 1950.

Saturday 7th Dec, visited Farnborough, St Giles the Abbot, Kent.
Again, another ringable one, 9-2-19 in A. It's G&J 1951. Dickon
was there as well, so will have more info, and details of the clock
bell once he has sorted a few mysteries out.

Saturday 7th Dec, visited the Norwegian church (St. Olav) in Rotherhithe,
London. Reports of two bells hung for ringing. There are indeed two bells,
G&J 1927. In the last 20 years, they have been converted to an electric
swing chime. The wheel on the tenor is there along with the pulley block.
The inscription is in Norwegian.

Along Albion Street is the Finnish church. It has a large, open concrete
tower like a fire station tower. One bell hung dead at the top. Not sure
this is in CJP's list.

Other news. Christ Church, Streatham, London. A new bell was cast and
installed in memory of those that died on the Marchioness. It has been
reported that the existing hemispherical bells have been removed. Hope to
visit this church sometime over the Christmas period.

An appeal for info. Has anyone got the details of the ringable one at
Stenton parish church in Scotland, not far from Haddington. I made a note
of the details when I went there, but no idea where I put the note! I think
it is Whitechepel, and date would be mid 1920s, possibly 1923 or 1926.


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