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With respect I cannot agree with Professor Ron. I would much rather see
an occasional supplement to the Ringing World devoted to such articles.
Bound volumes of the RW are readily available and it might be possible to
obtain grants towards the cost of the publication of a specialist
supplement. I suggest the publication of the Indices compiled by Cyril
Wratten and others in a volume which could be updated annually.

The sales of a separate publication I suspect would be very small indeed and
I wonder what research has been done with regard to the cost effectiveness.
I am sure that the proposed publication would continue enthusiastically for
a few years but I would be very surprised if this continued. I have much
greater confidence in the future of the RW.

We have a precedent in Change Ringing - The History of an English art. This
was to have been a 'chronological series on the various aspects of the
progress of change ringing' and I cannot believe that the series has
finished with volume 3 which was published in 1994.

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