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1. The four ex-Worcester bells (the medieval ones) were acquired by Amherst=
D Tyssen Esq., the noted bell antiquary, in 1868, and were first put up in=
his stables at Didlington Park.

2. c1900, they were hung dead in the parish church, being nos 1,2,4,5 of th=
e chime; the 3rd, the resident bell, is still there hung for ringing.

3. It was the bells which were deemed redundant - the church remains in use=
. Mercifully they were saved as stated.

4. There was one other temporary resident in the tower - the treble of the =
former ring of five from SS Simon & Jude, Norwich, a ring dispersed in 1880=
; it remained unhung on the 1st floor of Didlington tower until it too was =
found a new home and is now the 2nd in six at Whissonsett, Norfolk. For de=
tails of SS Simon & Jude see David's Norwich towers pages.

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> What about the 5 old bells in the cloisters at Worcester Cathedral? =
> They were part of the old ring that were used at another church and=20
> then returned to the cathedral.
> Mike Chester

I think they were rescued when the church became redundant by some of=20
the then current Cathedral band of ringers. David Beacham was one of=20
them so could tell you more.

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