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Michael Wilby michael_wilby at y...
Tue Dec 10 10:40:20 GMT 2002

The Rings of Twelve site has been redesigned and
extended at long last! There are a number of new
features including details of the rings of 14 and 16;
sound clips, where available; a "news" section; and
various tower listings, including an analysis of
towers with semitones and a listing by pitch of the
tenor. This latter listing is only about 50% complete
to date - any assistance in completing it would be
much appreciated.

There are still many photographs and additional pieces
of information to add to the site - my thanks to all
those who have supplied these to date.

I hope most of the bugs have been ironed out while the
site was in "testing"; there are some which are known
and will be addressed. I would be grateful to hear of
any problems encountered over the next few weeks -
something is bound to have slipped through the net.

Lastly, the site address MIGHT have altered slightly
(especially for those who have bookmarked the previous
one). The correct URL is given below:

As ever, any feedback, suggestions, information, etc.,
warmly received.



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