St Saviour's, Leicester

Simon Farrar simon at m...
Tue Dec 10 12:09:35 GMT 2002

> Do any list members know why these bells were removed and scrapped ?
> Is the church still open, or has it been closed and/or demolished ?

I suspect David Cawley will come along with a better answer than mine, but
I'll tell you what I know.
The church is still open, and I believe that the 20cwt tenor is still in the
tower. Sadly the loss of the bells was due to the incumbent who sold them
for scrap to raise money, or so I have heard in the past. I started ringing
the year after and so missed out on ringing the lost Leicester towers
although I have subsequently rung in a historic long length peal on the now
augmented All Saints bells at Sproxton.

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