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Congratulations, Michael, on the upgrades to what was already a most 
excellent site. I must get around to collating the details and photos 
that I have to fill in some of the remaining gaps.
One gap that someone on the list may be able to help with is 
Newcastle under Lyme - weights of the back 8. You say that they were 
retuned by Gilletts in 1928. Some years ago I asked Alan Buswell to 
check the G & J records, and all he could find was the two 1928 
trebles to ten. I have an uneasy feeling that the back eight might 
not have been retuned until the 1953 rehanging, in which case I fear 
that the details will be in the final G & J tuning book which has 
tragically been lost.

Andrew Bull

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> The Rings of Twelve site has been redesigned and
> extended at long last! There are a number of new
> features including details of the rings of 14 and 16;
> sound clips, where available; a "news" section; and
> various tower listings, including an analysis of
> towers with semitones and a listing by pitch of the
> tenor. This latter listing is only about 50% complete
> to date - any assistance in completing it would be
> much appreciated.
> There are still many photographs and additional pieces
> of information to add to the site - my thanks to all
> those who have supplied these to date.
> I hope most of the bugs have been ironed out while the
> site was in "testing"; there are some which are known
> and will be addressed. I would be grateful to hear of
> any problems encountered over the next few weeks -
> something is bound to have slipped through the net.
> Lastly, the site address MIGHT have altered slightly
> (especially for those who have bookmarked the previous
> one). The correct URL is given below:
> As ever, any feedback, suggestions, information, etc.,
> warmly received.
> Michael.
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