[Bell Historians] Re: One-bell towers

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Wed Dec 11 18:31:36 GMT 2002

Have you confused the Cathedral with the Municipal Buildings? "Great 
George" in the Cathedral isn't hung dead (though it doesn't swing 
full circle, either). Dove (1988) reports that the clock chime in 
the Municipal Buildings has the four quarter bells hung for ringing 
but the hour bell "for chiming only"; whether that means "dead" or 
"for swing-chiming" I do not know.

At 14:33 +0000 2002/12/11, Ben Willetts wrote:
>Mike Chester:
>> I would suspect that this bell is intended to be the service bell and
>> that it was hung for ringing as the sound of bells rung in this way
>> is usually louder and travels further across the parish than bell
>> that are hung for stationary chiming
>Ah yes, that makes sense.
>What a shame then, that Liverpool Cathedral's bourdon bell is hung dead. I
>suspect this has already been mentioned many times.

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