St Julian's, Shrewsbury

amgloversa <amgloversa@y...> amgloversa at y...
Wed Dec 11 20:01:16 GMT 2002

Having recently joined the group and trawled through the archive of 
messages, I found some interest in St Julian's. 
The current situation has been correctly reported to the best of my 
knowledge and I think there is little chance of the bells being sold 
for the time being. I have a several photos of the bells in the tower 
and quite a number of their removal.
As to the quality of the six, I rang on them for the opening of the 
craft centre and remember them pleasant. I am, however, no expert but 
I have a copy of a recording of the bells made on that occasion. If 
anyone is really interested, they could make their own assessment 
from the recording.

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