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This is my maiden speech! Whitechapel were putting in fabricated steel 
frames from the end of the First World War onwards, eg. in Dorset: Bere
Regis 1919; Maiden Newton 1924; and South Perrott 1927. Gillett & Johnston
also put in fabricated steel frames of "queen post" pattern.

On another subject, there are unpublished manuscript books on a number of
Welsh counties by Arthur Wright in the Museum library in Cardiff. I can
supply details if anybody wants them.

Christopher Dalton

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> 2) Roughly, when did fabricated steel frames start to become quite popular?
> At some point in the past few decades, I think, and in many cases because
> they can be built on a DIY basis.
> Fabricated steel frames were popular a lot longer ago than the last few
> The 1903 Mears frame at Lyminge has T section steel at the bottom & top of
> the framsides & double flat plates riveted together with spacers as braces.
> It looks very slender but is as solid as a rock!
> Many bellframes were fabricated out of RSJ's & RSChannel by Warners around
> 1910 for example: Bath SS Micheal & Paul (1912), King's Sombourne (1911) &
> Marston Bigot (1912). Interestingly, I noticed yesterday, that the steel
> used in the Marston frame came from Scotland, London & the W Mids.
> Several other types of steel frames were used by Warners, the Cantilever
> type (St Mary de Lode, Gloucester & Nunney spring to mind) & another with
> heavy steel plates such as Somerton.
> I'm sure CJP will wipe the floor with me & tell you a whole lot more on the
> subject.
> Matthew
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