john ketteringham john.ketteringham at n...
Fri Dec 13 13:50:29 GMT 2002

I asked Fred McGregor the tower captain at Ewerby to let me know the way in
which the ground floor ropes were attached and this is his reply :

The ground floor ropes have a section of dowel forming a "T" which is fed
through the upper ropes when they are in the safe position. The bells can
rocked from the ground floor but cannot be rung. The Tenor is not connected
at all because the hammer for the clock lays through the bell wheel.

The bells cannot be rung from the ground floor but when we ring, the T in
lower rope sits across the guide hole in the floor, this sometimes is
by the bell ropes when we are ringing and is annoying to some ringers.
It is a hazard also and needs addressing.

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