[Bell Historians] Re: Fabricated steel bellframes

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Tue Dec 17 14:26:44 GMT 2002

My thanks to Chris Pickford for such a definitive answer. As I 
mentioned in an earlier post, after retuning at Whitechapel in 1952, 
the former ring of six at Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, ALL came out 
with exact weights ending in 0 !

Andrew Bull

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> These are the Taylor weights of 1922 - one of those cases where 
exact weights really do end in 0 ! Pre turning they were 7-2-19, 6-0-
27, 7-0-2, 6-3-18, 9-2-11, 12-3-3. They're a really good six - one 
of John Rudhall's mistakes, despite what the irregular weights might 
> CP

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