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> An online article on St Lawrence's Church, Ipswich, contains some
> pictures of the virtually derelict interior
> (http://www.suffolkchurches.co.uk/modstlaw.htm) Several bell wheels 
> a headstock can be seen. I seem to recall that these are a
> pre-Reformation ring of five. They're not listed in the 
online 'Dove' as
> unringable though. Anyone know any more?
> David

They are ringable with care - the problem usually is getting someone 
to let you in.
The inside of the church was gutted pending a convertion into an 
eaterie/drinkerie but I think those plans ran into some problems.
The bells are very loud and are viewable from the ringing chamber 
itself and the 4th has a tendency to slip wheel if you have a sloppy 
ringing style.
The Southampton University Guild visited there in late 
October/November as part of a tour. They were hard work but we just 
about managed a PC of Stedman. I believe they are pre-Reformation.

Steve Pettman might be able to tell you more.

i thi

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