Steel bells

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Thu Feb 7 22:29:12 GMT 2002

Does anyone have a complete listing of all bells cast by 
Naylor,vickers and co?
The Northern chimes and rings of three or less that I know of are:
Oakworth,W Yorks,single bell 15cwt hung for ringing
Lowick,Cumbria swing chime of three(can be rung-full metal wheels)
tenor 2cwt
Stavely,N Yorks 1 bell hung for ringing,other 2 swing chiming with 
metal wheels,tenor 3cwt
Rawcliffe,Yorks 3cwt lever chime of three
Levens,Cumbria 3 bells hung dead in a frame in the churchyard for 
sounding with a mallet(one normal bell in church tower)tenor 5cwt-
these three bells came from nearby Milnthorpe church
Preston,Lancs St Augustine,one bell hung with a metal wheel 8cwt
Redcar,Cleveland 1 bell no other detail
East Hardwick,W Yorks ring of three,tenor 2-2-0
I have also seen the chime of six at Belmont Lancs-tenor 
about 10cwt,and I have seen the unringable six at Ingleton,N Yorks.
Ingleton are in a 2 tier frame(treble in top tier) and although the 
bells are hung for ringing,there are bolts passing through the spokes 
and through the frame so that the bells cannot be swung.
The bells are ellacombe chimed from the ground floor and the clappers 
have had eyes inserted beneath the balls to accept the ellacombe 
ropes,so that the bells are in fact clocked when the ellacombe 
apparatus is used.
As a child I also remember seeing a steel bell outside in some sort 
of industrial museum in sheffield,but cannot recall exactly where it 

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