Taylors and Harrisons

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Tue Feb 12 23:51:10 GMT 2002

It's worth noting that many Taylor rings of the 1850s had back 
ends on a very thin scale - e.g. Dunham Massey, 25 cwt in C, former 
ring at Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, 12 cwt in Eb. Some were good, 
some bad. In the following decade they went to the other extreme 
and cast many very thick rings as a result of Grimthorpe's influence - 
the old ring at Worcester (1869) were 55 cwt in Db!

Harrison was also noted for casting thin bells - the old six at 
Epworth, replaced by a Taylor 8 in 1938, had a tenor of 21 cwt in C!

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