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> Does anyone know when Taylor's started casting the front ends of 
chimes to
> lighter profiles than they would rings? Certainly in Victorian 
times and
> into the true-harmonic era no distinction was made, but they began 
> lighter front ends at some point, I think, in the 1910s-20s. 
Obviously, this
> gave them an advantage when it came to quoting - they could quote 
> Gilletts were not slow to catch on and do the same, but the exact 
dates of
> events remain elusive...
> Anyone know?
> David

The 1924 Taylor eight(23.5cwt) at Altham,Lancs (hung for 
chiming)are all cast to ringing profiles,and the bells have never 
been hung for ringing,as the tower is far to small to hold such a 
ring,and the area has been heavily mined over the years.
In a way,the bells are wated as they sound excellent when chimed in 
I have not personally come across a more modern Taylor chime than 
this in which all the bells are cast to ringing profiles.

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