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No joke, another treble is on its way from Taylors shortly. The present 2nd (of 12) is to go on top apparently.
I stop short of criticising any tower considering augmentation above 12, though do express concern that any augmentation is done with careful consideration to the internal accoustics and the quality of instrument produced. Provided this is done, I applaud the move.
Sadly there are enough people around who still don't think there should be rings of more than 12, and any augmentation that is less than perfect will be taken as justification for this stance. This kind of prejudice is certainly not new - right up to the early 70s there was a similar view about 12s - we even faced the same criticism over augmentation at Towcester!
I do understand people's concerns over the Redcliffe scheme - they are a very fine twelve and it will be a shame if their quality is compromised by this augmentation, however this need not necessarily be the outcome.
One project I am more concerned about is the provision of two trebles (to provide a light 10!) at Shoreditch. These will, of course, augment the ring to a diatonic 14 - the accoustics of the present twelve are very poor (no discredit to the Founder, who has, I believe, taken some unfair criticism over the quality of the bells), and I'm not confident that these will be a good advert for ringing on the higher numbers. Still, not my bells, not my money - who am I to criticise?
What are others' views?
"LOVE, Dickon" <DrLove at s...> wrote: > Redcliffe going to augment to 14 ...

Tell me this is a joke someone, or only the addition of a mid range


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