Gillets and crown tuning

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Wed Feb 20 08:48:11 GMT 2002

In answer to George's recent post, tuning right up in the shoulder is 
usually done to flatten the prime, not control the tierce.

Re the propensity of Gilletts bells to break due to thinness in this 
area, Elphick quotes a case of a Gilletts bell that was only a small 
fraction of an inch thick at the shoulder. Of the six peals I quoted 
in my previous post, two have had some sort of problem. Heywood were 
originally a Gillett eight of 1911. The tenor broke while ringing, 
and Gilletts replaced the whole peal in 1921, supposedly for free. 
And at Banstead, one of the bells was replaced four years after 
installation because it 'broke in the tower'.

Bill H

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