[Bell Historians] Fourteens

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Fri Feb 22 10:04:08 GMT 2002

MPAW:One project I am more concerned about is the provision of two trebles
(to provide a light 10!) at Shoreditch

I gather that this scheme has now been abandoned. Instead, plans are being
drawn up to spend large amounts of money to (1) improve the go of the bells,
(2) improve the internal acoustics, both of which are in bad need of
attention. This has been a long time coming, but I think the SRCY wanted to
do both jobs at once as part of one project, so a good deal of co-ordination
was necessary. It may seem long overdue, but it does sound as if things are
moving in the right direction. I consider Shoreditch to be a very pretty
ring of bells - just a shame that inside they are hard to recognise as such!

DJB: I have to say I agree with Dickon on the matter of fourteens. Fourteen
is a musically nasty number, being two octaves minus the top note

I don't think that the musicality has much to do with it. It is the rhythm
that feels uncomfortable. After all, 16 is 2 octaves plus 1 note ... and I
enjoy 16 bell ringing.

In all, I would rather see Redcliffe become a 16 over a 14. But as Michael
says - not my bells/money/issue!


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