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Which all goes to show why so few people really know how to ring properly o=
n five and six nowadays!

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MPAW:One project I am more concerned about is the provision of two trebl=
(to provide a light 10!) at Shoreditch

I gather that this scheme has now been abandoned. Instead, plans are bein=
drawn up to spend large amounts of money to (1) improve the go of the bel=
(2) improve the internal acoustics, both of which are in bad need of
attention. This has been a long time coming, but I think the SRCY wanted =
do both jobs at once as part of one project, so a good deal of co-ordinat=
was necessary. It may seem long overdue, but it does sound as if things a=
moving in the right direction. I consider Shoreditch to be a very pretty
ring of bells - just a shame that inside they are hard to recognise as su=

A very long time in coming. What are they doing - having a new frame? I=
don't recall the go being all that bad, and the acoustics could be sorted =
without too much trouble - not a situation much worse than St Seps - it is =
just that the job was never finished... I do believe that they COULD be on=
e of the best 12s in London, but...

DJB: I have to say I agree with Dickon on the matter of fourteens. Fourte=
is a musically nasty number, being two octaves minus the top note

I don't think that the musicality has much to do with it. It is the rhyth=
that feels uncomfortable. After all, 16 is 2 octaves plus 1 note ... and =
enjoy 16 bell ringing.

Agreed - it's nothing really to do with musicality it's all about rhythm,=
which is why the Bullring augmentation was to 16 not 15. Fourteen is not =
an easy rhythm, though in my experience one gets used to it (eventually!); =
16 is much better, being 4 sets of 4.

In the same vein, though I like 10-bell ringing very much, I do think the=
rhythm is inferior to either 8 or 12, though with a row shorter than on 14=
this is less detectable.

Wow, hasn't this one strayed off-topic!


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