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General opinion is that it is a bit of a publicity stunt. It would not be t=
he first 'windup' attributed to the local ringer and I think he might be fl=
ying this particular kite for his own amusement. On the other he might wish=
to prompt a 'genuine' debate. In any event it will be strenuously opposed =
at Society level as well, no doubt, in the columns of the RW.

on a related subject, wouldn't Darlaston be worthy of historic preservation=
too. The first (and only, barring mini-rings?) complete Dutch eight?


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Not being a subscriber to the comic, I've heard about the proposed sale o=
f the trebles today. Surely this is some kind of joke, and they'll never g=
et a faculty? If not, shouldn't the ringers in-charge be locked up, and/or=
a bid be put in to take the whole ring somewhere else where they might be =

Stuart - you must know!


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