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A fair judgement on Crewe - a few slightly odd notes from some bells but a
pretty enjoyable peal of bells.
Many G&J peals of eight have the treble heavier than the second (only by a
few pounds). The weights of the front end at Crewe are probably the honest
results of an attempt to make them all about the same weight. At least on
this point G&J seem to be honest - there are some peals of bells by other
musical founders where the published weights are not quite the same as the
true weights!
Yorkshire has a number of G&J peals from Kirkby Malzeard(1909) to
Halifax(1952?). A couple of the earlier eights (Keighley and Northowram)
have noticeably wild treble bells which spoil the overall effect. Any more
evidence out there?
Remember my mentioning the "Major Thirds" in the tenor 4th and 5th at
Birstall - I have just read the Simpson papers on Bill Hibbert's excellent
website, and I quote, "...we should rather like to hear a peal in which the
"thirds" of the treble 4th, 5th and tenor bells are "major," and the rest
"minor." I hope he did because they are well worth listening to!

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From: Chris Pickford
The weights at Crewe (1912) are all over the place - 4-2-9, 4-2-0, 4-3-8,
4-1-22, 4-3-14, 5-3-14, 8-1-7, 9-2-15, 13-2-11 and 20-0-0. Haven't been,
but I imagine them to be a fairly typical Gillett ring of the pre-war period
and "not quite right"

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