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Sorry - may have missed something, but what was the reason not to include towers such as Spitalfields and Bermondsey? Even though these two were the result of "replacement" rings, there was a net reduction in the number of bells hung in the tower...
David & Mary Kelly <bells at k...> wrote: I agree with Chris that a list is a good idea. I will add it to the Keltek web site shortly.I will base the list on Chris's email which listed: West Bromwich - 12 to 8 (since destroyed)
Kings Norton, Leics - 10 to 8
St.Albans, St.Peter - 12 to 10
Hatton, Warwicks - 8 to 6
Hythe, Kent - 10 to 8 (since restored to 10)
Westmill, Herts - 8 to 5 (now 6)
Bradwell, Essex - 8 to 5
Brigg, Lincs - 8 to 6
Has anyone any more to add? Dave 
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