Hastings Stays

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Tue Feb 26 16:43:10 GMT 2002

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> Does anybody know when and where the despised Hastings stay was 
> used? I think it was at some point in the early to mid 1890s.
> David

"despised" is an understatement-Had a Dingle(as they are known 
round here drop off on me during a peal and we stopped to find out 
what the problem was when we heard it hit the floor!
Whalley,Lancs 1924 Taylor eight has them,as have Burnley(similar 
vintage to Whalley)Bolton by Bowland(1913 rehang)also has them.
Padiham(1901?Taylors)does not.
I seem to recall there is a three in Notts(or somewhere in that area)
Egmanton? that dates from the early 1890s with hastings stays.
I bet George Dawson knows.

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