Ruffords & Belleyeteres

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Tue Feb 26 18:29:00 GMT 2002

Thanks every one for your replies. I have the book of bells of 
gloucester and have a lot of information of bells of Bedfordshire 
I am working on tracing as many bellyeteres as I can as I believe 
some of them were the Rufford family also from what info i have 
collected so far am not finding Belleyetere founders in 2 places at 
the same dates or areas.
The Repfords /Ropefords who made the first set of bells for Exeter 
cathedral I think were Ruffords as the Ruffords took there name from 
the place they lived in which was once called Ropeforde. There is 
also a bell from Exeter according to books at Goring which is in 
Oxfordshire not to far from Rufford or Buckinghamshire with a 
inscription to the bishop of Exeter who ordered the first set of 
bells to be made. There is also a bell in Christchurch priory in 
Oxfordshire from Exeter. The Ruffords had land in Rufford Ropeford 
and family connections with the Barentine family of Rufford who were 
envoys for the Kings and Queens back in the 13/1400s. They Barentines 
also were keepers of windsor castle and where Lord mayors of london 
after Dick Whittington.They were also land owners in Norfolk Suffolk 
Northampton and most places where the Belleteres made bells
I have just seen a bell in Cornwall that as the Rufford crest 3 
trefoils between a chevron and the crest which I have read in a book 
was used by William Dawe of a chevron with 3 laver pots. also it has 
a Large spindley type cross with lots of arms comming off which I 
have not seen in any books I have been able to lay my hands on. The 
inscription is mixed gothic so It must be some were in the 1400s. The 
lettering is the same as on Great Peter at Gloucester cathedral and 
going on the pictures I have seen of great Peter as the same number 
of moulding wires in the same places. 
I have other information if any one is interested.

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