Experiment in bell tuning

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Tue Jul 2 06:22:15 BST 2002

There has been discussion recently about the tuning of nominals of 
peals of bells in various temperaments, prompted in part by Nigel 
Taylor's recent article in the RW.

The effects in keyboard and other instruments which determine the 
character of the various temperaments and tuning approaches are well 
known and understood. What has never been explored is whether they 
are of relevance to bells with their quite different partial 
structures. The acid test is the ear, and what we hear.

I have devised a simple experiment which I would like you all to try. 
I have 'retuned' a couple of peals of bells in different temperaments 
and would like you to listen to them and tell me if you hear any 
difference. Even if you are not up with the theory, you should join 
in the fun - listen to the recordings and tell me if they sound 
different, and how.

All the information you need, and the recordings, can be accessed at

Happy listening, I look forward to hearing from you.

Bill H

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