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For a general overview of Naylor Vickers and Vickers, Sons & Co see the Chr=
istmass / New Year RW 2000/2001 with an article "Colonel Tom and his Cast S=
teel Bells." Since then there have been some changes to the gazeteer, not=
ably that the Hurst eight had been scrapped - Randwick, Bamford and Bassale=
g have been replaced with rings of bell-metal bells, the first retained on =
display, the second dispersed and the third in the Sheffield Millennium Gal=
leries. In adition the original text mentioned a further steel five draw=
n to my attention by CJP - at Aberavon (long since replaced by the present =
8) - no other details.

Nick's picture was taken (with two others) on 12th May 1990, when the tower=
was open on a Dorset grab. We could only ring four bells as either the thi=
rd or fourth had a broken wheel - whichever it was would have made no diffe=
rence to the sound as the two bells are the same note, as stated by Matthew=

I understand that the former steel five at Mundford were similarly hung - C=
I headstock, small iron wheels and CI frame standards. All the other sets =
are or were in wooden frames as far as I know, and on most I have documenta=
ry evidence. Several of their single bells have the CI standards, which we=
re advertised as early as 1861. I didn't check the Toller Whelme date(s) b=
ut when Dorset III apprears, all will be revealed.=20=20=20=20

The "extended wheels" are quite effective, and as the bells had no stays th=
ey handled easily and, as Matthew says, did not sound all that bad. The co=
untry air and a dry belfry are no doubt good for them !

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> Nick Bowden wrote:

> I have finally sorted my scanner out and thought I would share this
> picture of Toller Whelme tenor, taken in 1990.

Cast iron headstock, and cast iron pedestal frame - what date are they?


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