[Bell Historians] Newport Pagnall

Michael Wilby michael_wilby at y...
Mon Jul 8 23:39:25 BST 2002

I understand (from local sources) that the
augmentation plan was shelved for the time being. It
was to include the hanging of the semitone bell for
ringing as well; I'm not a fan of semitones, but this
one did seem particularly pointless...

The bells have now been rehung, but no modifications
made to the frame. If the augmentation is now back
on, then that's fairly new news (and welcome - they'll
be good).


--- mikechester_uk wrote: 
I see that Newport Pagnall intend to go up to 10,
with the carillon 
bell hung for ringing as well.

The frame designs are at


What amazes me is the difference in the estimated


How can Whitechapel be c.£20000 more expensive than E
& S or


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