Converting frequencies to notes

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Fri Jul 12 17:54:14 BST 2002

Steve Ivin:

> (Thorough and well argued post)
> But I'm not sure why we need a Spreadsheet when a
> cheap calculator can be used

For what it's worth, I use cents = 1731.234 loge(f2 / f1), I have 
found the constant very memorable.

The point behind the spreadsheet (and how I regret ever offering it 
for public consumption, I thought it might be useful!) was to sort 
out the detail of an algorithm that could be coded to produce, via 
lookup tables, a text string for screen display in a program. It was 
more difficult than I expected, due to the need to deal with rounding 

Though Steve is right that the conversion is easily done with a 
calculator, I have found translating a complete set of partial 
frequencies (such as Christopher Dalton commonly gives) involving two 
or three dozen notes, quite a chore by hand. I end up counting 
semitones on my fingers! These days, I always do these conversions by 

Bill H

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