Tenor notes in Dove, and Heaton Norris

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Sat Jul 13 14:47:50 BST 2002

It's been suggested to me that my remarks of earlier this week (about 
variability in the tenor notes in Dove) could be interpreted as 
criticism of that important publication. Perhaps I was typing rather 
quickly in the excitement of the moment! The point, as I think has 
been made well over the past couple of days, is that there is not one 
unique interpretation of this information, which in any case has been 
gathered by many people, over many years, using different pitch 
standards. We are lucky that people have gone to the trouble to 
collect and maintain this information.

On to Heaton Norris: I always feel sorry for this tower, standing 
high on the hill above the Mersey Valley, and very visible from the 
railway viaduct in Stockport which at present I am crossing weekly! I 
was told a couple of years ago by Geoff Dyson of Poynton, brother of 
Peter, that it was he (Geoff) who discovered the bells had been 
stolen. I know no more details than this, but I'm sure that Geoff or 
Pete would be happy to fill in the blanks.

Bill H

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