Published works on bells

john ketteringham john.ketteringham at n...
Mon Jul 15 11:36:59 BST 2002

I am wondering if contributors to this list might like to air their views on
what they would expect to find in a definitive work on bells.

Most of these books are self published because of the difficulty in finding
a publisher for a book which has a short print run. In my own case, for
the 13 books I have written, all concerned with Lincolnshire and its
heritage, I am lucky if I recover the cost of printing. If I costed these
books commercially by including the cost of phone calls, letters etc then
the retail price would make the book unshakeable. The first edition of
Lincoln Cathedral : A History of the Bells etc. took 10 years to sell out.
Lincolnshire Bells etc took 11 months!

I would be interested in the comments of others.

>From : John Ketteringham MBE, PhD of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England

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