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There is nothing whatever in the tower of St John the Divine, Leicester.

The Ellacombe was transferred to St Mary de Castro; the middle eight hammer=
s being overhauled. I have the other two.

All the peal boards are displayed on the walls of St Mary de Castro ringin=
g chamber. Peterborough didn't want them; but an eminent cleric of that Ci=
ty visiting a couple of years ago was seen casting sheep's eyes in their di=
rection. Tough.

The whole transfer was organised and the artefacts saved through the energi=
es of Kingsley Mason, the Tower Master of SMdeC, and was authorised by Facu=

At the other vanished Leicester towers:

All Saints - everything down to the ceiling bosses removed. Subsequently t=
he late Alan Cattell installed a 2-cwt Taylor bell ex St Matthew's, in its =
original oak frame; it is hung for ringing. Vested in CCT.

St Mark - The wooden frame of 1872 is still up there. Some of the fittings=
wre in the ringing chamber but may have gone now. The peal boards, again =
rescued by RKM have now followed the bells to their new home at Goulburn Ca=
thedral. Under conversion at present after years of dereliction.

St Saviour - the bells and fittings have gone. A new 3-cwt Eijsbouts bell =
was hung after the disposal of this ringable eight. Many of the peal board=
s are still in situ and the church is of course still in use.

St George - tower gutted through in 1911; now 1 5-cwt swing chiming Taylor=
bell of that date. Serbian Orthodox to-day.

St Nicholas, Leicester, were rehung last week; and the following remarkable=
sets of exact weights are recorded:

Treble 3-0-0 D
2nd 4-0-0 C#
Tenor 6-1-0 A
Bourdon 22-0-0 E (per G&J tuning books, 22-0-14 on the invoice and 20-3-1=
4 on the framed notice in the church )
The three smallest are hung dead, the bourdon on its 1949 fittings now refu=
rbished for slow swing ringing.

Returning to St John the Divine the upper floor flats and the belfry were g=
utted by fire last December and are under protracted repair.

Not only did we get St Nick's bells chiming this weekend, we also got our n=
ew Football stadium opened by none other than Leicester's own Gary Lineker.

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Does anyone know what, if anything, remains in the tower of St
John-the-Divine, Leicester. I know that the church is now flats, but I do=
if these go right up into the upper parts of the tower. I also know that =
frame castings mostly went to Towcester. Is the grillage still in situ? A=
are there any other remaining ancillary items, such as Ellacombe rack/gea=


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