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I confirm that both sets of bells are on the Keltek Trust available lists. =
Kidderminster have been on for some time dor sale as a heavy ring and a lig=
hter ring based on the front end. There has been no serious interest in the=
last 9 months so we have been asked to offer individual bells for sale. Th=
e three G&J bells should be going to new homes and hopefully at least two o=
f the Rudhall bells. One of the Rudhall bells is in poor condition and the =
parish are hoping to keep one of the other Rudhall bells. The proposed dest=
ination of the three G&J bells is given on our web site but for reasons bel=
ow we have not identified their source.

At Kettering one of the modern Taylor bells is cracked and they hope to ret=
ain two historic bells. Of the remaining nine bells we hope that at least s=
even will be found new homes. There is positive interest in these bells but=
it is premature to announce what may be happening to them.

However neither of these schemes has faculty approval and of course will de=
pend on the success of local fund raising. Consequently there are a number =
of hurdles to overcome.=20

I am sure you will realise that it is a chicken and egg situation. Do we wa=
it until the faculty application is approved before we look for "new" homes=
- and risk the loss of the bells, or do we try to find alternative homes b=
efore application is made to show that all efforts are being made to save a=
s many bells as possible. Our view is to try and get interest as early as p=
ossible to show that some bells can be saved.


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