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According to a eight page booklet I picked up from
Truro Cathedral in February this year it says there is
now no clock face as this was removed because it
became unsafe.
The bells in the clock tower are
Sanctus bell 31 1/2" diameter C Sharp
Pack & Chapman of London Fecit 1771 Truro Chas. Pye
Rector Richd. Jewell & JNo. Allen Gent CH Wardens
One of two original bells in st Marys parish church,
it is complete with its original cannons. It was
apparently unused for many years, but when the clock
bells were re hung on a new teak frame in 1972 it was
brought in to its present use as a sanctus bell.

Treble Diameter 26 1/2" D Flat
John Taylor & co 1904

Second 29" D Flat
As above

Third 32" B
As above

Forth 41 3/4" F Sharp
As above
Tenor 45 1/2" E
Pack & Chapman of London Fecit
Truro Chs Pye Rector Richd. Jewll & Jno Allen Gent ch.
Wardens1770 given by Viscount Falmouth
This bell is the second of the two original st Marys
bells. It is hung for ringing up on a gudgeons and
with a wheel.

The clock mechanism was made by John Moore & sons
Clerkenwell in 1851,restored in 1887, chimes fitted by
John Smith & sons of Derby 1905 and the same firm
fitted a automatic winding unit in 1972.

--- David Bryant <djb122 at y...> wrote: 

Has anyone got details of the framework/fittings of
the clock and<BR>
sanctus bells at Truro Cathedral?<BR>

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