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I saw them as they were when on holiday with friends from school in 1960 ! =
Memories are a bit hazy but the six bells (the musical sequence I don't kn=
ow) were all in the tower and as far as I can remember in an iron frame; th=
e smallest unused; the next four hung dead in iron bearings, just as clock =
bells, and the tenor hung for ringing with gear of 1904; no rope I recall. =
All in the SE tower (the Green Tower) completed at that time at the west e=
nd of the medieval south choir aisle; bells 2-5 of 1904, others L&P.

I understand that they got into a state, the oak foundation beams became ve=
ry rotten and Taylors rehung them, to the best of my knowledge all dead,
some time in the last 15/20 years. No details but of course the foundry wi=
ll have records.

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Has anyone got details of the framework/fittings of the clock and
sanctus bells at Truro Cathedral?


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