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How right he is; it is a circular hole - the original stone vault, around w=
hich a new plaster or some such moulding had been fixed after the bells wer=
e installed in 1951. The bells came out in 1970; the discovery about the m=
oulding was made only in more recent years, and there was no one around who=
could remember the circumstances attending the installation.

If you give me a ring I can perhaps give you a few other details; for those=
who haven't seen it look at Dickon's almost record length page on this tow=
er: but be warned if you are of a nervous disposition: there is a picture o=
f myself looking at the bells "up" !

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I was recently talking to someone who was welll acquianted with the late
lamented bells of St Dunstan in the East. He told me that after the
tenor had been broken up to get it out, it was realised that the vaulted
ceiling in the base of the tower was made in sections, so it would have
been possibly to partially dismantle it to get the bell out intact.


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