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 The church is still there, very much closed and completely boarded up by =
the Lichfield diocese. It is rather a fine building. I did see inside =
once and there were still a couple of bells and some peal boards of quality=
lying around at the west end. The part-rebuilt west "tower" is the groun=
d floor and part of the intended ringing room. TimJ's map reference is co=

The peal boards were removed in the mid 1990's due to concerns over their f=
uture. The church was about to be leased from the C of E but I am not sure =
if this ever actually happened. In all there were about 10 boards, 2 of whi=
ch were marble. Another marble board was found not in the ringing room at a=
ll but at the back of the church. It was left in situ. The remaining boards=
were transferred to the church in the High Street (St John's I believe). T=
here they are on display in the upstairs gallery.=20

As mentioned, the interesting round tower was rebuilt in 1967 but only to t=
he height of the roof of the church. There is no belfry as such anymore. Th=
e two remaining bells (treble and tenor of the octave - T Mears 1798 and C&=
G Mears 1848) disappeared at that time and I would be very interested in an=
y information about where they ended up!=20

Stuart Hutchieson

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